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At La Sneakerie, we give everyone the opportunity to decorate, enhance their sneakers, create an atmosphere and mostly have fun with various accessories and many decorative items.

You are here in the right place to make your interior design more personal & stylish. Create your universe around the sneakers culture and set an ambiance that represents you.

If you are looking for trendy decoration elements that will make the difference in your home, your apartment, your studio or even in a room where you want to fully express your passion for sneakers culture, you will find your happiness among our several accessories: LED Neon lightsart prints (frames, canvas prints, posters, square prints), doormats, rugscushions and many other accessories and decorative items to come on

Looking for decoration in the sneakers universe ?

We're here to help you find some ideas to make your home decoration more original. Bringing a hype and elegant decoration set up to make you feel at home is our goal.

Why not embellish your walls with our Art Prints collection: a full range of wall decor items representing iconic sneakers models. The variety of supports (frames, canvas prints, posters, square prints), dimensions and colors will satisfy all tastes!

Let’s break the sobriety with our Neon LED Sneakers lights: a fine quality lighting decoration that will wake up any room in your interior and will always make an impression on your guests (sneakerhead or not). You can also surprise them on your front door with our original signature doormats.

How to choose your decoration accessories?

If you are a pure sneakerhead, for sure you will be attracted by accessories using sneaker designs that you already own, which is normal. But if you look carefully, other designs will certainly be able to fit with the chords and colors of your interior as well as many other accessories.

If you are a sneaker amateur or just looking around for decoration, then you will have to make the good choice by placing the right products in the right places to fit perfectly inside your home design.

On a shelf, place your favorite sneakers frame on it or choose the one that will recall the tones of the room. In the living room, put a carpet on the floor and cushions on the sofa to revive it. Put a LED Neon sign in a dark corner to add a light touch or even light up the room. Place a doormat outside your front door to let your visitors know where they are setting foot.

Select products that suit you the most, let your imagination run wild and create your own decoration!

Parra Square Cushion
Last items in stock
Bring a cozy detail to your decoration with the Parra Square Cushion!
Enhance your entry with the NICE KICKS Mat!
Air Max 97 Rio Square Print
Last items in stock
Choose an original decoration accessory with the Air Max 97 Rio Square Print!
Air Max 97 Rio Poster
Let’s bring at home an essential decorative item with the Air Max 97 Rio Poster!
Air Max 1 Sketch Poster
Let’s bring at home an essential decorative item with the Air Max 1 Sketch Poster!
On sale!
I Have A Dream Poster
Let’s bring at home an essential decorative item with the I Have A Dream Poster!
On sale!
Mixed Words Poster
Let’s bring at home an essential decorative item with the Mixed Words Poster!