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At La Sneakerie, we give everyone the opportunity to decorate, enhance their sneakers, create an atmosphere and mostly have fun with various accessories and many decorative items.

You are here in the right place to make your interior design more personal & stylish. Create your universe around the sneakers culture and set an ambiance that represents you.

If you are looking for trendy decoration elements that will make the difference in your home, your apartment, your studio or even in a room where you want to fully express your passion for sneakers culture, you will find your happiness among our several accessories: LED Neon lightsart prints (frames, canvas prints, posters, square prints), doormats, rugscushions and many other accessories and decorative items to come on

Looking for decoration in the sneakers universe ?

We're here to help you find some ideas to make your home decoration more original. Bringing a hype and elegant decoration set up to make you feel at home is our goal.

Why not embellish your walls with our Art Prints collection: a full range of wall decor items representing iconic sneakers models. The variety of supports (frames, canvas prints, posters, square prints), dimensions and colors will satisfy all tastes!

Let’s break the sobriety with our Neon LED Sneakers lights: a fine quality lighting decoration that will wake up any room in your interior and will always make an impression on your guests (sneakerhead or not). You can also surprise them on your front door with our original signature doormats.

How to choose your decoration accessories?

If you are a pure sneakerhead, for sure you will be attracted by accessories using sneaker designs that you already own, which is normal. But if you look carefully, other designs will certainly be able to fit with the chords and colors of your interior as well as many other accessories.

If you are a sneaker amateur or just looking around for decoration, then you will have to make the good choice by placing the right products in the right places to fit perfectly inside your home design.

On a shelf, place your favorite sneakers frame on it or choose the one that will recall the tones of the room. In the living room, put a carpet on the floor and cushions on the sofa to revive it. Put a LED Neon sign in a dark corner to add a light touch or even light up the room. Place a doormat outside your front door to let your visitors know where they are setting foot.

Select products that suit you the most, let your imagination run wild and create your own decoration!


Art Print

A variety of wall decor items that will bring the artistic and modern touch your decoration need. Let yourself be tempted by our accessories collections inspired by historic sneakers models. Find rare pearls among our frames, sneakers canvas prints, posters and square prints. There will complement the decor of any room by matching perfectly with the atmosphere tones and colors or with your favorite pairs of sneakers.

Art Print: a point of honor to the sneaker culture

Sneakerheads and others who are passionate about sneakers art have already seen sneakers artworks in exhibitions, on a wall by the side of a street, on social networks or even in a magazine.

The sneakers, today an essential fashion accessory considered as a culture itself, is now the central object of many works of art. With our Art Print wide range, we give you the opportunity, in our own way, to bring these works of art home.

What accessories to choose from our Art Print collections?

We offer four different supports to satisfy all tastes and suit many situations. Take a look at our range of frames, the classic and essential decorative element. Opt for our canvas prints (high quality printed canvas) for an artistic and elegant touch. You can also be tempted by our posters which will fill any empty space and bring originality in any room. Let yourself be surprised by our square prints which are easy to switch. Thanks to their adhesive hanging system, position them easily without making any hole.

LED Neon Signs

Light up your home with one of the most popular decorative items of the moment: the LED Neon. Thanks to its LED technology, the Neon is an exception as it does not heat up, it does not break and it does not make any noise! This makes it very practical, resistant to all shocks, particularly stylish and unique as a decorative element. Take a look at our LED neon sneakers range inspired by iconic models as well as original “wording” models that will illuminate your rooms. Make the choice of a luminous accessory that will bring a unique atmosphere to your interior decoration!

Sneakers Neon: a must-have accessory for sneakerheads

The combination of sneakers and neon is undoubtedly a successful combo. Indeed, the Neon LED highlights very well the shapes and forms of iconic sneakers. Add to this the LED’s brillance and the quality of the product’s finish: you get a superb and effective rendering that will make shine a wall, a dedicated sneaker space or even an entire room if you manage to integrate it cleverly into your decor. For those who are looking for a trendy and design element, find now our complete range of Neon sneakers!

Which Sneakers Neon to choose for your interior?

We offer sneaker LED neon models with classic sneakers shapes such as the MAG, the Air Max 1, the Jordan 1 or the Yeezy Boost V2. You will have the possibility to choose between two different sizes for these models in order to adapt your needs and to suit all layouts. We also offer exclusive "wording" LED neon lights that will add an original touch to your decor and can be easily integrated into the room of your choice. Make your home decoration bright with our authentic Neon lights delivered from 48/72H only!

Sneakers Mats

Looking for a stylish accessory to enhance your entry and drop off your sneakers? Here you will find our range of sneakers doormats and coco mats with original messages.

Decorative doormats for sneakerheads?

Originally being a purely practical accessory, the doormat has become over time more than a common carpet to wipe your sneakers: it is now a real trendy decoration object in the house.

Display your addiction right from your door by putting a coco mat with its classic message “KEEP YOUR SNEAKERS CLEAN” or let’s welcome your guests with one of our doormat. For the lucky ones who get a dressing, a room dedicated to their collection or even a small sneakers corner, place a sneakers mat with the message that suits you. The undisputed swoosh fans will choose the famous "GOT‘ EM ", many others will prefer the" PLEASE REMOVE YOUR YEEZYS ". For those who prefer more colorful models, choose from our various sneaker doormats that will match perfectly with the different pairs in your collection.

Resistant and elegant sneaker mats!

Combining sobriety and quality, our sneakers doormats are made of a non-slip rubber base for optimal grip on any surface. They will dress your doorstep indoors and outdoors. Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, having a doormat is now essential for its usefulness but also to bring a original touch to your home atmosphere. Surprise your guests;)


Looking for a stylish accessory to beautify your living room or your showroom for the most addicts of you? Take a look at our rug's collection.


Sneakers enthusiasts looking for new decorative elements? Here you will find our cushions selection with original messages. Check out these little details that will embellish your couch. Put it under your arms in front of Netflix and chill !

Today cushions have become essential decorative items that can be found in all homes and in all forms: plain, large, small, colorful, simple, original ... We offer a range of sober and elegant cushions for all the sneakers culture passionates.

Calm down, take your time and choose your favorite model.


How to originaly begin Christmas for a sneakers addict ? We offer unique element that will sublimate your decoration during Christmas. Find here our latest collection of Christmas accessories and decoration: wood decoration, snow globe, socks and gift bag. Ideal to offer or to add an original touch to your Christmas decoration.

"Elephant Print" Rug
Take a look at our "Elephant Print" rug with one of the most iconic sneaker print.
This product is made on-demand, which explains a longer delivery lead-time.
We are currently Out Of Stock on this product, don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram @la_sneakerie_ we'll announce as soon as the product is back in stock.