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A selection of items both practical and decorative with designs inspired by the finest sneakers models. You will find in this category a wide range of accessories: ceramic mugs, aluminum bottles, thermos, trays, hand towels, stainless steel mugs, lunch box, coasters, cutting board... At home or to take away, you will find everything you need to go with your meal times.

Make the Sneakers culture fit every occasion!

Our everyday goal is to offer you more accessories dedicated to sneakers that are both useful and original in your daily life. What could be better for sneakerheads to be surrounded by objects inspired from what they are the most passionate about?

Enjoy your hot drinks at home with our mugs or take them anywhere with our thermos! In the kitchen, know how to combine practicality and style with items such as hand towels or our cutting board that will serve you every day and bring a stylish touch to your decor. Surprise your guests by serving them an aperitif on a tray and adding a few coasters. If they have not yet become addicted to sneakers, give them one of these accessories and it might be the start, who knows, of a great passion.



A must have for any real sneakerhead. We offer a mugs range with designs inspired by historical sneakers and with original wordings. Take a look at our two models: the classic ceramic mug or the stainless steel version.

Sneakerheads, get your mug!

Our goal is to offer you always more accessories that honor the sneaker culture. We want these items to be useful whether for practical use or for decoration. Today the mug has become an essential everyday item that we find in all homes and in all forms: large, small, colorful, original, simple ... From this observation, we wanted to provide to lovers and other sneakers enthusiasts a dedicated collection inspired by classic sneakers models and famous colorways. We also offer some models with original messages.

How to choose the right mug?

For those lucky enough to have a big collection and for whom “matching” is a religion, fit some of our mugs with your favorite pairs. For sneakerheads who get up early and feel tired before online drops, the “WAKE UP IT’S RELEASE DAY!” mug will accompany your hard mornings. The classic “GOT‘ EM ”will satisfy swoosh brand fans, and we hope it will bring you luck! Not like the “ONE MORE L”, which is for the real loosers who totally assume. PS: we are all in the L team for the most part, it must be recognized.

For decoration amateur who are fed up with traditional mugs, let yourself be tempted and enjoy!


For all sneakerheads and decoration enthusiasts who want to combine practicality with style, discover our collection of coasters with designs inspired by iconic sneaker models.

Coasters are functional and stylish table accessories that will bring an original touch to your home decoration.

Coasters, a useful and decorative accessory

To avoid scratches and any other scrapes due to the overuse of glasses on your different surfaces (coffee table, dining table, bar), our coasters will be useful on a daily basis and will preserve your furniture. The ChromaLuxe ® wood composition ensures quality and resistance against humidity, stains and scratches. The high-quality gloss finish makes the colors of the designs intense and will highlight any place no matter where you bring your coasters.

For some sneaker enthusiasts, coasters are the kind of details that will go perfectly with some of their pairs of sneakers displayed at home.

For others who are looking for innovative decorative items, choose the models that suit you the most and pay tribute with originality to the sneaker culture.

Aluminum Bottles

Let's find here our collection of aluminum bottles for sneakerheads!

Leave your plastic bottles and other disposable containers aside. Replace them with an aluminum bottle and choose among our original designs!

The interior is isothermal, these bottles will keep their contents (hot or cold) at temperature for several hours. We offer a unique capacity of 500ml for more convenience. Our bottles are ideal for transportation, to bring at the office, at school or for sports.

Two interchangeable caps are provided with the bottle: a classic screw cap and a sport cap.

Useful and light for everyday use, take them everywhere with you! Let's take the design of your choice inspired by iconic sneaker models: Air Max 1 Parra, Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon, Air Jordan 6 x Travis Scott...

Cutting Boards

The cutting board is an accessory both practical and design that we use daily: why not choose an original one?

A cutting board for sneakerheads?

Whether you use it very often or not, the cutting board will remain a way to decorate and embellish your kitchen in any case. We offer to sneakers addicts and other modern decor lovers, cutting boards with original designs that will satisfy enthusiasts. It will bring a hype touch to your kitchen ambiance.

The bamboo cutting board, an effective alternative!

All our cutting boards are Bamboo made. Bamboo is an ideal material for cooking. Robust, ecological and aesthetic, it well resists humidity. Known to be easy to cultivate, bamboo is a good alternative to the usual materials you are using in your kitchen. All our boards are sanded during manufacturing to avoid small splinters.


Here you will find our collection of aluminum and stainless steel thermos for sneakerheads! Leave your plastic bottles and other disposable containers aside.

Replace them with one of our thermos and choose among our original designs ! The interior is isothermal, these thermos will keep their contents (hot or cold) at temperature for several hours. We offer capacities of 600 and 750 ml to satisfy all uses. Our thermos are ideal to transport, to bring at the office, at school or for sport.

Practical and light for everyday use, take them everywhere with you! Let's take the design of your choice inspired by iconic sneaker models / colorways: Air Max 1 Parra, Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon, Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, Elephant print...


The tray has become an object both useful and essential to your daily life. You can use it as a support to put decorative objects or as a meal tray in front of Netflix!

Trays: decorative objects, practical and design

Whether highlighted on your coffee table, stored in a corner of the kitchen or placed in the center of the living room table, the tray is an accessory as practical as decorative. It will be usefull in your daily life to go out for breakfast, clear the table or just add a hype touch to your interior decoration.

For sneakerheads, choose your tray to match one of your favorite pairs of sneakers. Wink at sneaker culture with our range of original designs trays: Sean Wotherspoon, Elephant Print, Air Max 1 Parra.


Take a look at our hand towels collection: a practical and design accessory!

Here you will find our hand towels range with original designs inspired by famous colorways that can be found on iconic sneaker models like the Elephant Print on the Air Jordan 3 and the Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant. . We also get inspired by the Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon and the Air Max 1 Parra famous sneakers models.

Whether you are a sneakerhead or simply looking for modern and elegant decoration, you can always add a "hype" touch to your kitchen decor while acquiring a functional and stylish accessory with our hand towels!

When you think about it, this is for many an essential accessory that we use every day, why not combine usefulness and style?

Lunch Box

The Lunch Box goal : making the connection between practicality and design!

Why choose a Lunch Box?

The Lunch Box is by definition a box in which you store your meal. This food carrying method is relatively widespread in Japan. Many Japanese people (active, students, schoolchildren) use it daily. The Lunch Box aims to store food, which allows you to take your meal anywhere with you either at the office, at school, for a picnic, when going out. In addition, it is part of a "healthy" consumption mode. Rather than buying prepared meals or walking in fast food, you can actually cook your own meals and put them in your box. Functional, design, more economical and healthier, the Lunch Box has become a way of life that you will not be able to forget.

A Lunch Box for sneakerheads?

If it has been democratized for several years, the lunch box has today undoubtedly become a trendy accessory. More than this last adjective, we want it to become "hype". Even in the office, your colleagues will be jealous of it. On your Lunch Box, the small detail of the original message will surprise people around you. Forget the plastic boxes and other disposable container that deform after washing or not suitable for freezer. The Lunch Box is the actual trendy accessory to carry out your cooking.

Dog Bowls

Give your most faithful companion an accessory that will bring him closer to his master. After all, he sniffed each of your new pairs, sometimes even tasted them ... It's also an sneaker addict in his own way.