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Lunch Box

The Lunch Box goal : making the connection between practicality and design!

Why choose a Lunch Box?

The Lunch Box is by definition a box in which you store your meal. This food carrying method is relatively widespread in Japan. Many Japanese people (active, students, schoolchildren) use it daily. The Lunch Box aims to store food, which allows you to take your meal anywhere with you either at the office, at school, for a picnic, when going out. In addition, it is part of a "healthy" consumption mode. Rather than buying prepared meals or walking in fast food, you can actually cook your own meals and put them in your box. Functional, design, more economical and healthier, the Lunch Box has become a way of life that you will not be able to forget.

A Lunch Box for sneakerheads?

If it has been democratized for several years, the lunch box has today undoubtedly become a trendy accessory. More than this last adjective, we want it to become "hype". Even in the office, your colleagues will be jealous of it. On your Lunch Box, the small detail of the original message will surprise people around you. Forget the plastic boxes and other disposable container that deform after washing or not suitable for freezer. The Lunch Box is the actual trendy accessory to carry out your cooking.

Just Eat It. Lunch Box
Take your meals everywhere with you with the Just Eat It. Lunch Box!