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Art Print

A variety of wall decor items that will bring the artistic and modern touch your decoration need. Let yourself be tempted by our accessories collections inspired by historic sneakers models. Find rare pearls among our frames, sneakers canvas prints, posters and square prints. There will complement the decor of any room by matching perfectly with the atmosphere tones and colors or with your favorite pairs of sneakers.

Art Print: a point of honor to the sneaker culture

Sneakerheads and others who are passionate about sneakers art have already seen sneakers artworks in exhibitions, on a wall by the side of a street, on social networks or even in a magazine.

The sneakers, today an essential fashion accessory considered as a culture itself, is now the central object of many works of art. With our Art Print wide range, we give you the opportunity, in our own way, to bring these works of art home.

What accessories to choose from our Art Print collections?

We offer four different supports to satisfy all tastes and suit many situations. Take a look at our range of frames, the classic and essential decorative element. Opt for our canvas prints (high quality printed canvas) for an artistic and elegant touch. You can also be tempted by our posters which will fill any empty space and bring originality in any room. Let yourself be surprised by our square prints which are easy to switch. Thanks to their adhesive hanging system, position them easily without making any hole.

Air Max 1 Parra Poster
Bring a hype touch to your decoration with the Air Max 1 Parra Poster.
Air Max 1 Curry Poster
Bring a hype touch to your decoration with the Air Max 1 Curry Poster !