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Canvas Prints

Discover our collection of canvas prints with original designs. Here you will find a full range of canvas prints inspired by iconic sneakers and famous colorways.

The sneakers canvas prints: a fashionable and decorative item

The canvas print (also called painting), thanks to its elegance, its multitude of designs and formats has become an essential wall decoration accessory. It easily fits into any interior style and allows you to add an original and artistic detail to a room. Thanks to its high-quality semi-gloss finish on a cotton canvas specially designed for printing, you will bring a modern touch both elegant and stylish in any room at home. Make your interior a place at your image according to your tastes and your desires.

How to choose your sneakers canvas print?

For all sneakerheads and original decor amateur, whatever the room in your house or apartment you want to highlight, let’s choose one or more sneaker canvas prints that suit you the most. Choose the ones that will fit with your own sneaker models or your room’s tones and colors for a perfect match. Change the atmosphere of any room: your living room, bedroom, kitchen or the entrance with the finest wall decoration accessory. Choose one of our three proposed dimensions in order to have the most suitable format to embellish and fill your space as well as possible. If you want to decorate a large empty wall, consider taking two or three canvas you will arrange according to your wishes. Decoration has no limit, make your choice!