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LED Neon Signs

Light up your home with one of the most popular decorative items of the moment: the LED Neon. Thanks to its LED technology, the Neon is an exception as it does not heat up, it does not break and it does not make any noise! This makes it very practical, resistant to all shocks, particularly stylish and unique as a decorative element. Take a look at our LED neon sneakers range inspired by iconic models as well as original “wording” models that will illuminate your rooms. Make the choice of a luminous accessory that will bring a unique atmosphere to your interior decoration!

Sneakers Neon: a must-have accessory for sneakerheads

The combination of sneakers and neon is undoubtedly a successful combo. Indeed, the Neon LED highlights very well the shapes and forms of iconic sneakers. Add to this the LED’s brillance and the quality of the product’s finish: you get a superb and effective rendering that will make shine a wall, a dedicated sneaker space or even an entire room if you manage to integrate it cleverly into your decor. For those who are looking for a trendy and design element, find now our complete range of Neon sneakers!

Which Sneakers Neon to choose for your interior?

We offer sneaker LED neon models with classic sneakers shapes such as the MAG, the Air Max 1, the Jordan 1 or the Yeezy Boost V2. You will have the possibility to choose between two different sizes for these models in order to adapt your needs and to suit all layouts. We also offer exclusive "wording" LED neon lights that will add an original touch to your decor and can be easily integrated into the room of your choice. Make your home decoration bright with our authentic Neon lights delivered from 48/72H only!