Who are we ?

We are sneakers lover, even addicts it must be admitted.

Like some of you, we spend long hours camping in front of stores before drop, whole nights to wait in the cold, sometimes under the rain. We used to rub our eyes while desperately waiting for a W during online drops. We are all different in the queue or in front of our screen, but we are still there for the same thing. Many know the difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month caused by impulsive purchases in order to expand their sneakers collection.

Basically, whether we simply appreciate sneakers, whether we are an amateur collector or even an unconditional lover of the sneakers culture, we are all waiting for unboxing: this moment of euphoria when we finally appreciate the model of sneakers for which we just fell in love.

Once the pair is contemplated, touched, smelled, tried, rocked, stored, exposed; now there’s just a little twist to add. For you addicts, it's the detail that will make the difference and will highlight your culture, your collection, your pairs of sneakers you love so much. For the others, who do not own yet the sneakers models you covet the most, this is the opportunity, in a way, to integrate them into your home design, your universe, your lifestyle .

At La Sneakerie, we are only sneakers enthusiasts who want to make passionate and amateurs alike. We give everyone the opportunity to create an atmosphere, to decorate, to highlight their sneakers and above all to have fun with various sneakers accessories and decorative items.


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