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Flip-Flop is a summer must have or even during the rest of the year for indoor use. On holidays and summer time, to stroll in the streets under the sun, to go to the beach or the pool, you could use flip-flops everywhere.

Sneakers-inspired Flip-Flops for sneakerheads!

For sneakerheads and enthusiasts who don't want to wear their favorite pair of sneakers at the pool or beach, we have the sneaker accessory you need. It will replace your best sneakers pairs. Keep your sneakers safe and let your feet breathe fresh air thanks to stylish flip-flops with iconic sneaker soles designs!

Air Jordan 1 Maison Château Rouge, Air Max 1 Parra, SB Dunk Travis Scott, Air Max 1 Parra Patta Cherrywood, Mars Yard, SB Dunk Chunky Dunky, SB Parra: check out our selection of original Flip-Flops now!