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Check out our magnets range and start collecting them now!

Magnets for sneakers addicts?

For sneaker enthusiasts, boxes begin to form a high stack in the room. For novices, they love the culture but they are beginners and own only a few models. For others, it is unthinkable to invest so much just for pairs. For addicts, those who have a real addiction and for whom the collection of sneakers is still growing, they are ready to do anything to obtain another one heat. But no matter your rank in this game, in a much more affordable way, you can also acquire accessories and small items that will immerse you permanently in the world of sneakers!

If you currently have only old shopping lists, calendar and some family photos spread out on your fridge, now is the time to give it some freshness with our original magnets! We offer a magnets collection with modern lines that take up the designs of famous sneakers models such as the Air Max 1, the Air Jordan 1 and Yeezys.

Our magnets are unique decorative items that will dress up any magnetic surface at home: fridge, blackboard, magnetic strip in the kitchen, magnetic paint. It’s up to you !